Flashpoint (1991)

1.Continental Drift Intro 2.Start Me Up 3.Sad Sad Sad 4.Miss You 5.Rock and a Hard Place 6.Ruby Tuesday 7.You Can't Always Get What You Want 8.Factory Girl 9.Can't Be Seen 10.Little Red Rooster 11.Paint it Black 12.Sympathy for the Devil 13.Brown Sugar 14.Jumpin' Jack Flash 15.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 16.Highwire 17.Sex Drive


After the massive success of the Steel Wheels tour, it came as no surprise that the band would release (another) live album. Since this was their first live compilation in the compact disc era, they pack 77 minutes of music on it, keeping it at a single disc.

You couldn't really ask for a better live compilation. There's a few good new tracks from the latest album, Steel Wheels, a few rare gems many may have never heard, and an awful lot of the best of the best of the band's music.

They include two studio tracks at the end (Highwire and Sex Drive) and even though they're better than some of the stuff on Steel Wheels, I would have preferred a couple more live tracks. The best live Stones album to date in terms of representing the long history of the band's career.

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