Got Live If You Want It (1966)

1.Under My Thumb 2.Get Off My Cloud 3.Lady Jane 4.Not Fade Away 5.I've Been Loving You Too Long 6.Fortune Teller 7.The Last Time 8.19th Nervous Breakdown 9.Time is On My Side 10.I'm Alright 11.Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow? 12.(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction


Few people notice the irony in the title of the band's first live album - "Got Live, If You Want It." The point it seems is, who would want a live album from 1966? The quality here, is downright awful, but no one should really expect anything else. In typical mid sixties fashion, the band hurry through their set at the Royal Albert Hall, playing off tempo, and in some cases horribly out of tune (The Last Time is brutal to try to make it through) to a pack of rabid teenage screaming fans. At least they had a good time.

The song selection is good, for the most part. A couple of songs don't translate well, such as the newest release, the melodious Lady Jane, but everything else is welcomed, including the yet unreleased Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?. Supposedly, the original album (only released in the U.S.) sounded much worse, and the material has been through many sets of hands in an attempt to improve the overall product. All in all, this makes a nice documentary of the band during their crazed, younger days. I just can't imagine many people wanting to listen to the whole thing front-to-back for entertainment purposes.

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