Live Licks (2004)

Disc One 1.Brown Sugar 2.Street Fighting Man 3.Paint it Black 4.You Can't Always Get What You Want 5.Start Me Up 6.It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It) 7.Angie 8.Honky Tonk Woman 9.Happy 10.Gimme Shelter 11.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Disc Two 1.Neigbours 2.Monkey Man 3.Rocks Off 4.Can't You Hear Me Knocking 5.That's How Strong My Love Is 6.The Nearness of You 7.Beast of Burden 8.When the Whip Comes Down 9.Rock Me, Baby 10.You Don't Have To Mean It 11.Worried About You 12.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love


When I first heard about this release, I figured it was another compilation since it had the word "Licks" in the title (thire last release Forty Licks was a "Best of"). Since this band had seven live releases to date, it seemed like a profitable move - a sort of "live greatest hits" package. Well, to my surprise and delight, it was not. This was a double CD of new live material.

Even though they didn't have a new album since their last live album, the Stones hit the road anyway and managed to play in small theatres, arenas and stadiums. This package really has just about everything you could possibly want. The first CD is more of a "hits" package. Yes, we have most of these songs on other live albums, but it had been awhile, and to be fair, this band sounds better than they ever have. The second CD is the real treat. It features a lot of deeper catalog cuts, most never released in a live format before. The real irony: Keith sings a Hoagy Charmichael tune (The Nearness of You) and it sounds exactly like a Keith song!

The only problem is that my favorite Rolling Stones song, Honky Tonk Woman is featured here but is ruined by a female guest singer (I think it's Sheryl Crow). I DON'T want to hear other people singing your songs guys! You're too good for that! BLASPHEMY!!!

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