Shine a Light (2008)

1.Jumpin' Jack Flash 2.Shattered 3.She Was Hot 4.All Down the Line 5.Loving Cup 6.As Tears Go By 7.Some Girls 8.Just My Imagination 9.Faraway Eyes 10.Champagne and Reefer 11.Band Introductions 12.You Got the Silver 13.Connection 14.Sympathy for the Devil 15.Live With Me 16.Start Me Up 17.Brown Sugar


When you look at the last 20 years of the career of The Rolling Stones, it's pretty amazing the wealth of live material they have not only on CD, but on DVD and in the cinema as well. Had their live shows been a rehash of the same show year after year, it would get boring pretty quick. These guys, however, always changed things up significantly enough to make watching a live show a unique event. There was always something new to see, some grand stage set up, different well known musicians supporting them on stage, and it was a fortunate thing that they have a snapshot of so many of these performances.

For their A Bigger Bang tour, they seem to want to top everything by having acclaimed movie director Martin Scorsese film them at the prestigious Beacon Theatre in New York City. To be honest, I never saw the film. I'm sure it was as spectacular as everyone who saw the movie said it was. What I do know is that they, again, release a stellar live album. The songs here are mixed up enough to where you never feel "ho-hum" with several tracks here never being released before. That's really all you need to know. All you have to do is read the track list and know that they sound as great as ever.

Actually, there is one more thing that you do need to know, and that is there a special double cd version of this performance that contains the whole show. In addition to the tracks above, it also includes the songs Tumbling Dice,(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,Paint it Black, Little T&A,I'm Free, and of course Shine a Light. I'd recommend spending a few extra bucks for the complete show.

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