Still Life (1982)

1.Intro: Take the A-Train 2.Under My Thumb 3.Let's Spend the Night Together 4.Shattered 5.Twenty Flight Rock 6.Going to a Go-Go 7.Let Me Go 8.Time is on My Side 9.Just My Imagination (Runnin' Away With Me) 10.Start Me Up 11.(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction 12.Outro: The Star Spangled Banner


When the Stones toured after the hugely successful Tattoo You album, it was an epic of massive proportions. It only made sense that they release a live album to commemorate the event. Of course, it had only been four years since their last live recording - which was probably why this release was not a double album.

This was sad, because this album sounds so much better than Love You Live from 1977, that you can't even compare the two. From the beginning riff of Under My Thumb, you could tell immediately how much more accessible this one was going to be. It never disappoints. Personally, since there are only ten songs on here (not counting the "intro" nor the "outro"), I wish they would have dropped the two covers and put other songs from their catalog. Going to a Go-Go does have a good beat (it was the lone single), but Twenty Flight Rock just doesn't sound very Stones-ish, although they do tackle it well.

Fortunately, they would release a plethora of live albums in the following years, so if you were serious about live Stones music, you could find it elsewhere. Just don't let this "limited" album fool you. It's worth owning.

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