Totally Stripped (2016)

1. Not Fade Away 2. Honky Tonk Women 3. Dead Flowers 4. Faraway Eyes 5. Shine a Light 6. I Go Wild 7. Miss You 8. Like a Rolling Stone 9. Brown Sugar 10.Midnight Rambler 11.Jumpin' Jack Flash 12.Gimme Shelter 13.Rip This Join 14.Street Fighting Man


Kind of a weird one. This is actually an “improvement” of 1995’s Stripped - using the same source for the recordings. The original release was essentially the band playing shows at smaller venues. A great idea since the guys thrive quite well in front of an intimate audience. Such an event rarely happens since economics and demand simply don’t allow it.

What I found odd about the original recording was that it seemed as though half the songs weren’t even played in front of a live audience. They were (I guess) rehearsals or something. This took away from the enjoyment of that overall package for me.

On this one, they’ve fixed that problem. It’s all in front of a live audience (actually – multiple audiences in multiple cities, but you can’t really tell). They’ve changed the song list as well. There’s only a handful of songs that were on the original release. Most of the changes are improvements – a lot of hits, a few deep cuts – and it makes one wish why they didn’t just release this one as the original 21 years prior. So if you could only pick one – this one is definitely the better of the two. Although the original has a few good songs that aren’t here. So…..

It should also be pointed out that “Stripped” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “Unplugged”. This is not an acoustic record. What is “stripped” is the grandiose stadium spectaculars complete with moving stages, inflatable tongues, multiple costume changes, and firework shows. This is just the guys playing in a club. Many would argue that this setting translates better than their umpteen stadium recorded shows. I would tend to agree.

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