Feedback (2004)

1.Summertime Blues
2.Heart Full Of Soul
3.For What It's Worth
4.The Seeker
5.Mr. Soul
6.Seven and Seven Is
7.Shapes of Things


Trivia Question:
Throughout Rush's long illustrious career, how many cover songs, or songs exclusively by outside writers has the band recorded?

A true fan won't have any problem answering the question. Not only had the band never recorded cover songs, they never performed any during their shows. Occasionally, Neil Peart may have co-written some lyrics on an album with an outsider, but that was the limit.

Therefore it seemed a bit of a shock when, thirty years after they began recording, they released a "mini" CD entirely of covers. The great thing about the band Rush is that they never seemed to care what anyone else thought about them, nor what they were attempting to do at the time. Although they never gained commercial success, and the critics overwhelmingly snubbed them time after time, the band always figured that if they were happy, and they continued to pack arenas with thrilled fans, then that was just fine for them.

For whatever reason, they deemed that now was the right time to pull out some songs that they enjoyed in their youth and probably played in their early heyday. All of the songs here are from the 1960s and some are well known, whereas other tracks are a bit more obscure (I must confess that I had never heard the track Seven and Seven Is before I heard this compilation). The thing that makes this such an enjoyable listen is that Rush isn't simply copying the material. They adapt the songs to where they could have easily been tunes that the band penned themselves and recorded the material without ever hearing the original song. This is a great way to pay tribute to your heroes, while not alienating your core fan base.

What also seems to work well is that there are only 8 songs that clock in at less than 30 minutes total. Again, it's almost as if the band realizes that "too much" of this type of excursion will only cause listeners to become restless. This is a great case of "you don't fill up a CD with 80 minutes of material simply because there's room". During the band's 30 year anniversary tour that followed, they included a handful of songs from this realease and they were received enthusiastically by the hardcore disciples - proof that the whole thing worked quite well.

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