Chronicles (1990)

Disc One
1.Finding My Way
2.Working Man
3.Fly By Night
5.Bastille Day
6.Lakeside Park
7.2212:Overture / The Temples of Syrinx
8.What You're Doing (Live)
9.A Farewell to Kings
10.Closer to the Heart
11.The Trees
12.La Villa Strangiato
13.Free Will
14.The Spirit of Radio

Disc Two
1.Tom Sawyer
2.Red Barchetta
4.A Passage to Bangkok (Live)
6.New World Man
7.Distant Early Warning
8.Red Sector A
9.The Big Money
10.Manhattan Project
11.Force Ten
12.Time Stand Still
13.Mystic Rhythms (Live)
14.Show Don't Tell


A sort of "greatest hits" package. The formula was pretty simple: for the most part, two songs were taken from each studio album and one song from each live album. This release was by their old record company (Mercury) which led some to speculate that this was a contractual obligation. Regardless, the formula worked.

Never a band to have hit singles, Rush still managed to have "favorites" amongst themselves and their fans. These favorites are mostly all included here. Not surprisingly, we get three songs from the best work Moving Pictures and only one from the latest at the time Presto (probably since this was released on a different label, not because of lack of depth on the original album).

The only eyebrow raiser was the exclusion of Xanadu from A Farewell to Kings in exchange of the title track. This was probably because of time constrictions since the song ran well over ten minutes. Speaking of time constrictions, the two live songs (What You're Doing and A Passage to Bangkok) had to be left off the original compact disc pressings of the original live albums since they decided to squeeze double albums onto a single disc. (For whatever reason, the new remastered CD's of these albums now have the full set). It was great to see decisions like this made since it favored customer service over economics. As Rush would prove on a later live album eight years later, they could never be accused of being greedy.

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