Snakes and Arrows Live(2008)

Disc One 1.Limelight
2.Digital Man
3.Entres Nous
5.Free Will
6.The Main Monkey Business
7.The Larger Bowl
8.Secret Touch
10.Between the Wheels

Disc Two
1.Far Cry
2.Workin' Them Angels
3.Armor and Sword
5.The Way the Wind Blows
7.Natural Science
8.Witch Hunt
9.Malignant Narcissism/De Slagwerker
11.Distant Early Warning
12.The Spirit of Radio
13.Tom Sawyer
14.One Little Victory
15.A Passage to Bangkok


No matter what one's opinion of this band is, they have gone down in rock history as one of the best loved live bands of the last thirty years. This band always had a formula of a live album after four studio albums - each live album highlighting the most recent period. They broke that tradition in 2002 with the triple disc complete show CD Rush in Rio, the first time they had released a whole show on CD. Well, one studio album later, the band decided to do the same thing - release a complete live album after only one studio album. This may seem a bit of overkill, but when looking at this band's history, it's definitely not surprising.

Perhaps it was the fact that about half of their show was either new material, or songs that hadn't been performed in over a quarter of a century. Sure, the staples are here (The Spirit of Radio, Free Will, Tom Sawyer, etc.) but there are plenty of other material that has never been released live before. The band probably figured that all the raving fans would queue up to by the disc, and they don't even bother to come up with a creative title for the release. They just add the word "live" the end of the last studio album knowing that every fan would know exactly what they would be getting.

You could argue that the familiar songs don't sound much different than the last several times we've heard them, but that's o.k. This is just what the fan wants - a complete recording of a (very different) Rush show.

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