At River's Edge: Live in St.Louis(2002)

0 Stars
1.Everything is Cool 2.The Grand Illusion 3.Blue Collar Man 4.Lorelei 5.Fooling Yourself 6.Lady 7.Brave New World 8.Edge of the Century 9.Heavy Water 10.Too Much Time On My Hands 11.Renegade


It really does become tiresome to constantly berate the continuous subpar "live" releases that this band insist on puting out year after year after year, but what else is the objective listener to do? This is not a new release, yet a vindictive rehash of 2000's Arch Allies. The only difference? They added Everything Is Cool. Why this wasn't put on the above mentioned release is beyond question - especially when there were three Blue Collar Man's. No one bought this one either. How could they?

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