Regeneration, Vol.1 and 2 (2011)

No Stars
Disc One 1. The Grand Illusion 2. Fooling Yourself 3. Lorelei 4. Sing for the Day 5. Crystal Ball 6. Come Sail Away 7. Difference in the World Disc Two 1. Blue Collar Man 2. Miss America 3. Renegade 4. Queen of Spades 5. Boat on the River 6. Too Much Time on My Hands 7. Snowblind 8. Coming of Age 9. High Enough


It really disgusts me how one of my favorite bands from my youth could sink so low out of desperation. I wasn't too happy with messrs Shaw and Young when they constantly bashed the exiled Dennis DeYoung - stating that they essentially hated his music that so many of the fans loved. It was worse when they would release "best of" collections and leave many of his great songs off the record. This collection is worse. No, it's not necessarily a swing at DeYoung, but what they've done here is basically re-record many of the band's hits. Why? Beats me.

Now, in all fairness, the band Journey did something similar when they had a new guy fronting the band, but that was a bonus disc that came along with a new release. You know - something extra? Or free? This isn't free - as a matter of fact, it's two "volumes". So you have to, you know, pay more money.

Everything on here is disastrously inferior to the original recordings. There are even two "Damn Yankee" songs on here. Don't get me started on why they decided to include these. Yes, they're worse than the originals as well. And is there a reason why when original bassist Chuck Panozzo makes a cameo, that he only plays on Fooling Yourself?

There's one new song here called Difference in the World. It's very juvenile and not very good either. Maybe I was just already nauseated by everything else here.

The cd cover looks kinda cool, though.

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