Best of Styx (1975)

1.You Need Love 2.Lady 3.I'm Gonna Make You Feel It 4.What Has Come Between Us 5.Southern Woman 6.Rock and Roll Feeling 7.Winner Take All 8.Best Thing 9.Witch Wolf 10.The Grove of Eglantine 11.Man of Miracles


Not to be confused with Greatest Hits that was released in 1995. This is merely a collection of the "best" songs on the band's first, inferior, record label - Wooden Nickel. This record was solely released to capitalize on the band's later success. Yes, many fans were confused and this was bought by many parents and relatives of Styx fans thinking they were getting the recipient a real treat.

There was one hit on the album, Lady, no thanks to Wooden Nickel. If you want to get finicky, Best Thing and You Need Love barely cracked the top 100. The rest of this release could be summed up as a pretty fair representation of their material from the first four albums. The tunes are straightforward with DeYoung and Young sharing the vocals (thankfully, John Curelewski's vocal contributions are left off this compilation). We have nice variety as well. The biting Witch Wolf and the southern rocker Southern Woman show off the harder side, whereas songs such as What Has Come Between Us and The Grove of Eglantine show off the band's softer style.

If one has the first four Styx releases, this collection is basically inconsequential. However, if you own this one, the first four albums are really not necessary for purchase either.

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