Classics (1987)

1.Babe 2.Blue Collar Man 3.Come Sail Away 4.Crystal Ball 5.Fooling Yourself 6.Light Up 7.Mr. Roboto 8.Renegade 9.The Best of Times 10.Don't Let It End 11.The Grand Illusion 12.Suite Madame Blue 13.Too Much Time On My Hands 14.Miss America


Like its predecessor, Caught In The Act, this one has been made almost obsolete by latter improvements on a different release. I'm not even sure if this one is still in print. In 1987, Styx was definitely in semi-retirement. At the same time, their record label was celebrating its 25th anniversary. A&M records then issued several greatest hits packages by its most celebrated acts and Styx was one of them. The compact disc revolution was just starting into full swing at this time and this was a great way for fans (who might have been too cost conscience to buy all their old albums on cd) to have a greatest hits package.

When Styx released their Greatest Hits album in 1995, it rendered this one almost useless. The newer release was featured with basically the same package yet with small (but highly significant) improvements. For starters, the Greatest Hits package was digitally remastered (whatever that really means) and was able to feature Show Me The Way which would become Styx's only major hit post 1983. A&M was also not able to secure the rights to Lady that was released on their first record label, so that one was also painfully absent on this compilation. Then, if you want to get picky, we have Light Up represented here, rather than the far superior Lorelei, (both were from 1975's Equinox) which many are convinced was a fluke. The live version of "Miss America" is here rather than the studio version, which may or may not be an improvement, depending on your tastes. And for some reason, the biggest Styx fan favorite Come Sail Away has about thirty seconds chopped of the end. Why?

Unless your a collector, this disc, like many of their cheesy compilations in the latter years should not really even be bothered wtih. As stated earlier though, it was a great joy to have at the time, and like the cheesy compilations years later, you don't have sufficient evidence to accuse anyone of exploitation.

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