You're Gonna Get It! (1978)

1. When the Time Comes 2. You're Gonna Get It 3. Hurt 4. Magnolia 5. Too Much Ain't Enough 6. I Need To Know 7. Listen to Her Heart 8. No Second Thoughts 9. Restless 10.Baby's a Rock'N'Roller


I confess that when I listen to this album, I can't tell much of a difference between this record and his debut. For the most part, that's actually a very good thing. Like his first record, he doesn't try to do too much, other than put out a very brief (29 minutes) album of ten snappy and catchy rock-pop tunes.

It was a bit strange that it took this record so long to be released (two years after the first record - a long stretch back then), and it would later come out that Petty was already having money problems with contracts and bankruptcies etc. It probably didn't help that, unlike his debut record, this one never had anything vaguely remembered as radio friendly.

That's not to say the material suffers. As mentioned, the quality and direction is almost identical to his first album. Yes, some of the songs do get plodded down a bit, but when most of the songs aren't even three minutes in length, those are minor sins. Especially when most of what is featured here is pretty good indeed. Most people are familiar with I Need to Know and Listen to Her Heart (maybe because they were on his subsequent Greatest Hits album, although neither were ever hits) but such songs such as the lead off track When the Time Comes and the closer Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller are equally as strong and memorable.

Throughout his career, Petty would continue to keep things simple for the most part. Even when he would get a bit complex, his free wheeling mannerisms and personality would always make it sound down-home, anyway. This record, though, along with his first one, deserve special consideration in his catalog in that they sound so effortless, but manage to be great at the same time.

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