Best Of Van Halen, Volume 1 (1996)

1. Eruption
2. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
3. Runnin' With the Devil
4. Dance the Night Away
5. And the Cradle Will Rock...
6. Unchained
7. Jump
8. Panama
9. Why Can't This Be Love
11.When It's Love
13.Right Now
14.Can't Stop Loving You
15.Human's Being
16.Can't Get This Stuff o More
17.Me Wise Magic


Probably would have fared a bit better had they not released a double CD Best Of compilation only a few years later without releasing any new material in between. A one cd collection simply wasn't enough, even if they really didn't have that many hits.

According to Sammy Hagar, this was the album that 'broke up the band'. At least the version of the band that he was fronting. Apparently he didn't want anything to do with a Greatest Hits album. It probably didn't help when the other guys recorded some new tracks with former frontman David Lee Roth for this compilation without telling Hagar. Sadly, the two Roth tracks are pretty awful, and definitely don't belong on a 'best of' package. There's also one new (or 'newish') track with Hagar called Human's Being from the movie 'Twister'. It isn't much better. Also, why is a song like Poundcake here, considering all that was left off?

So when you take the fact that one cd really isn't enough and add the fact that there are three very mediocre new songs, you're left with a bit of a disappointment. The next compilation was to prove to be a whoooole lot better.

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