The Ultimate Yes (2004)

Disc One 1. Time and a Word 2. Starship Trooper 3. Yours is No Disgrace 4. I've Seen All Good People 5. Roundabout 6. Long Distance Runaround 7. Heart of the Sunrise 8. South Side of the Sky 9. And You And I 10.America 11.Wonderous Stories Disc Two 1. Siberian Khatru 2. Soon 3. Going for the One 4. Don't Kill the Whale 5. Tempus Fugit 6. Owner of a Lonely Heart 7. Leave It 8. It Can Happen 9. Rhythm of Love 10.Big Generator 11.Lift Me Up 12.The Calling 13.Open Your Eyes 14.Homeworld (The Ladder) 15.Magnification Disc Three 1. Roundabout (acoustic) 2. Show Me 3. South Side of the Sky (acoustic) 4. Australia 5. New World Symphony


As far as I know, there are a few different versions of this 3 CD compilation out there, and the track selection is quite different. So buyer beware. I’m reviewing the U.S. version, but I’ve noticed that streaming services don’t feature the same tracks, so I’m about as confused as one can be.

It’s quite a good compilation regardless. The third “bonus” disc seems a bit unnecessary – featuring a few old songs done acoustically and a couple of solo instrumentals. They are actually all quite pleasant, but here are only a total of five songs on this last disc, so it definitely should be defined as “bonus”.

None of the mammoth 20 minute plus songs are here. Some might wish otherwise, but there’s only so much music you can put on a disc.

I would stick with the box set In a Word. If you can still find it.

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