Classics Live (1986)

1.The Train 'Kept A-Rollin
2.Kings and Queens
3.Sweet Emotion
4.Dream On
5.Mama Kin
6.Three Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman
7.Lord of the Thighs
8.Major Barbara


After Aerosmith reunited with it's original lineup, they quickly jumped ship to a new label, Geffon records. In an effort to either capitalize on the event, or to fufill contractual obligations, their original label, CBS, decided to milk the cow dry by putting out various compilations of the band's career up until this point. The first effort, a live album, has to be the weakest, most blatant attempt at fast cash that ever had the band's name on it.

The only thing that sets this record apart from other live albums by the band, is the fact that it featured the "newer" lineup with guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay filling in for Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Had these guitarists had anything different, or at least somewhat substantial to offer, it might be worth it, but they can't live up to the Aerosmith brand of the original guys. That's not really meant to be a slam. After all, Crespo did co-write a lot of tracks on the Rock in a Hard Place album, it's just that there's not really any magic here. It probably didn't help that they were probably strung out on drugs at the time as well.

Six out of seven live songs here were featured on their prior live album Live Bootleg which again makes this collection a little absurd. Of course, to stay true to the title of this record they hadn't had any classics after that live album. Maybe that's why the only new song Three Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman sounds like it's the best thing on here? It's definitely better than the original - which isn't saying much. They then decide to throw in an unreleased early song called Major Barbara to probably fill the album up to at least 37 minutes or so.

For the diehard only.

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