Classics Live II (1987)

1.Back in the Saddle
2.Walk This Way
3.Movin' Out
4.Draw the Line
5.Same Old Song and Dance
6.Last Child
7.Let the Music Do the Talking
8.Toys in the Attic


Released shortly after the last "Classic Live" album, this one looks on the surface to be an exact counterpart. There are eight songs here as well, all different, and the color is a bright red instead of dark blue. Yet this album is like night and day compared to the previous Classics Live album. So how come?

Well, the big difference is that this one was a recorded performance of the celebration of the classic lineup (that still stands intact to this day). A New Year's Eve show that brought Joe Perry and Brad Whitford back into the lineup makes this one a much better sounding effort. They sound inspired, they sound like they're having fun, they even sound like (although no one could have possibly guessed it at the time) the best of times are yet to come. Again, like it's counterpart, most of the songs we've heard live before on Live Bootleg, and since that one was a classic in its own right, there's not necessarily justification to want to buy this one. The key differences are the addition of an older (very underrated) song Movin' Out and a Joe Perry Project (his band during the hiatus) tune called Let the Music Do the Talking. They actually chose that song to rerecord as a group for their first reunion album Done With Mirrors. It could be argued that this was their best live album ever - even if it only has eight songs.

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