Greatest Hits (1980)

1.Dream On
2.Same Old Song and Dance
3.Sweet Emotion
4.Walk This Way
5.Last Child
6.Back in the Saddle
7.Draw the Line
8.Kings and Queens
9.Come Together
10.Remember (Walk in the Sand)


A great compilation of the first phase of the band's career. 25 years after their first "hits" package, the market became saturated with various compilations that the band (or probably, more specifically - their record companies) would release. This was the original that had all of the best early material. Each studio album is represented. That is a good thing with one minor exception (Remember (Walk in the Sand))from the disasterous Night in the Ruts). Fortunately, it's at the end. Even there it sounds uninspired and out of place with the other classics here.

They actually include a "new" song - a cover of The Beatles Come Together that they also did on their Live Bootleg album 2 years prior. That one, thankfully does fit in with the rest of the package. There are also several songs that probably should have been on here, but would be released on a later compilation package to cover up the missing spots.

Time has made more comprehensive collections, but this one remains a "must" for purists.

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