Night in the Ruts (1979)

1.No Surprize
3.Remember (Walking in the Sand)
4.Cheese Cake
5.Three Mile Smile
6.Reefer Head Woman
7.Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)


If anyone wanted to make an arguement that drugs are bad for you, they need not look any further than Aerosmith in the late 1970s. It really is frightening to see how far this band fell in just a few short years. Harder still to believe that this was the same band that put out Toys in the Attic and Rocks just a few short years ago. Things were so bad that guitarist Joe Perry walked out of the band before the recording sessions were completed. You have to wonder if anyone even noticed.

True, they started declining on their last release, Draw the Line, but at least that recording sounded good if not monotonous. This one doesn't even sound the least bit inspired. It's very obvious that the band is just going through the motions and have forgotten how to rock like only they could do. One-third of the album is actually covers of other people's material, and even that sounds uninspired. You know you're in bad shape when the single from your album is an old Shangri-La's song that sounds nothing like your band (that would be Remember(Walking in the Sand)). The only thing that even hints at being somewhat listenable is the very last track on the album - a song soley composed by Steven Tyler, Mia. Ironically, it's one of their "slower" numbers that made you wonder if this band had forgotten how to rock at all. Very sad.

Oh, yeah...the title is supposed to be a parody of the saying "Right in the Nuts". How sad that the irony is that listening to this release feels just like that.

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