Devil's Got a New Disguise (2007)

1.Dream On
2.Mama Kin
3.Sweet Emotion
4.Back in the Saddle
5.Last Child
6.Walk This Way
7.Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
9.Love in an Elevator
10.Janie's Got a Gun
11.What It Takes
13.Livin' on the Edge
15.I Don't Want To Miss a Thing
17.Sedona Sunrise
18.Devil's Got A New Disguise


This is one of those records where I review not necessarily the quality of material, but the reasons why anyone bothered to release this unnecessary compilation in the first place. It's insulting when this is billed as the "very best of Aerosmith" when it doesn't even come close. The band just had too much great material over its 30+ year history to fit on one disc. That could possibly be forgivable had they not just released a 2 disc "best of" compilation only a few years ago. There should be a law that prohibits bands from releasing multiple greatest hit compilations in such a short time span. Especially when the band doesn't put out any (or very little) new material during the particular timeframe. The even rip off the cover art idea from a Def Leppard release from several years ago.

Ultimate sin: Not including the original Walk This Way, but instead featuring the Run D.M.C. version. Bigger sin: Including 2 new songs (not currently available on I-Tunes nor Napster) that make diehards have to purchase this album anyway.

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