Gems (1988)

1.Rats in the Cellar
2.Lick and a Promise
3.Chip Away the Stone
4.No Surprize
5.Mama Kin
6.Adam's Apple
7.Nobody's Fault
8.Round and Round
9.Critical Mass
10.Lord of the Thighs
12.The Train 'Kept A-Rollin'


When Aerosmith jumped to the Geffen record label in 1985, their old contract called for a few more releases from the band. After they released two live albums initially after their departure, they decided to issue a "companion" best of package next. The songs here are not that well known, and there's only one previously unreleased song (That would be Chip Away the Stone that was on the Live Bootleg album from 1978.)

Of course, Aersosmith never had many hits at all prior to 1987, building their solid reputation on hard-driven in-your-face rock-n-roll, so the idea wasn't really that far fetched. To add to that, the songs here are all quite good. There are even a few songs from their less than satisfactory albums, but they stand out o.k. Remember that at this point, they only had one compilation album (Greatest Hits), so it made sense to also release some strong cuts that maybe didn't quite make it the first time around. Anyone picking this album up was sure to find plenty to enjoy.

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