Rockin' the Joint (2006)

1.Good Evening Las Vegas
2.Beyond Beautiful
3.Same Old Song and Dance
4.No More No More
5.Seasons of Wither
6.Light Inside
7.Draw the Line
8.I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
9.Big Ten Inch Record
10.Rattlesnake Shake
11.Walk This Way
12.Train Kept' A-Rollin


Half-way through the set of this album, recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, frontman Steven Tyler shouts out "You like the old sh!t, or the new?!" The crowd assertively shouts back, "Old!". I'm so glad they did. Whether that was part of the plan or not, this live recording features mostly of the band's older, yet lesser known material. You probably wouldn't necessarialy expect that when you first glance at where this concert was, and what year it was held. Aerosmith and become so "grand" by the time the 21st century rolled around, that it would have been easier to expect them to rehash out all of their hits of the last several years. Easier to expect, but not necessarily easier to stomach. They only wallup the sap on us once with the most uncharacteristic song of the band's history, the Diane Warren penned I Don't Want To Miss a Thing (to be fair though, it was one of their biggest hits of their career).

Instead, the band takes us through a lot of their older catalog. I can't remember a better live version (or any version, for that matter) of Draw the Line. I can't even, off the top of my head, recall if they ever did a live version of No More, No More. Even if they had, the one here kicks. They even break out an old Fleetwood Mac song (really old, when they were a blues band - before most of their newer "fans" ever heard of them) Rattlesnake Shake. This song is done so well, you can't help but wonder if that's what inspired them to put out Honkin' on Bobo, a great blues cover album (which also had an old Fleetwood Mac tune).

They do feature a couple of new songs off their then-new release Just Push Play. Of course, they're deep enough album cuts, that they seem to blend in well with the rest of the album. Looking back, the band really didn't need another live album in their canon, but this was a good choice - a new recording of some damn fine old songs.

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