Yellow Submarine (Songtrack) (1999)

1.Yellow Submarine 2.Hey Bulldog 3.Eleanor Rigby 4.Love You To 5.All Together Now 6.Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 7.Think For Yourself 8.Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 9.With a Little Help From My Friends 10.Baby You're a Rich Man 11.Only a Northern Song 12.All You Need is Love 13.When I'm Sixty-Four 14.Nowhere Man 15.It's All Too Much


After the completion of the Anthology series, you have to wonder if the record executives were asking to themsleves "How can we still cash in on The Beatles now that we've released just about everything they ever recorded?". Well, when the psychedelic animated movie Yellow Submarine was scheduled to be re-released in 1999, an idea was hatched to put out a new "package" to coincide with the film's release.

When originally released in 1968, the album featured 4 new tunes, 2 recycled tunes (including the Ringo sang title track) and an entire album side devoted to the George Martin composed score for the film. All of these orchestra pieces were considered worthwhile and very enjoyable, yet the entire album was never taken quite as seriously as the rest of the catalog because of the lack of original material. For those few who actually saw the film, it could have been potentially confusing since the movie actually did include quite a few Beatle tunes that weren't on the album.

So when it came time to release this "songtrack", they decided to scrap the George Martin score and complete the disc with the remainder of the songs featured in the film. So in addition to the 4 original songs, there are now 11 older songs from previous releases. Fortunately all of these older songs are all from the band's "creative" period from 1965 - 1967, so they "fit" the psychedelic theme.

To sum it up, whatever your preference in style will be the determining factor of which of the two different albums you would want to own. It is nice to have more songs here, yet the score was kind of special on the orginal. This might be for the more casual fan, since the diehard will already own everything here. Of course, the true diehard will probably buy this anyway to keep the collection complete.

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