Busted (1990)

1.Back N'Blue 2.I Can't Understand It 3.Wherever Would I Be 4.If You Need Someone 5.Can't Stop Falling Into Love 6.Busted 7.Walk Away 8.You Drive, I'll Steer 9.When You Need Someone 10.Had to Make You Mine 11.Rock 'N' Roll Tonight


For the first time in perhaps the entire history of this band, Cheap Trick does something they've never done before - they try to replicate the sound of their previous album. It's easy to see why. The success of Lap of Luxury threw everyone, perhaps the band the most, for a loop. Of course, traditional fans probably didn't really want a replication of a work that they argued was a bit of a "sell out", so this one has a bit of a lukewarm reputation.

Personally, I think this is a great improvement of their last effort. Yes, it does sound similar, but I like the structure of the songs and the overall flow much better. There are only a few "outside" collaborators, and the overall feel of the album is just, well...fun. This is a great party album and sounds best on a bright sunny day with the window open in the living room. To be nitpicky, there are only two songs that sound like "classic" Cheap Trick, and even those are buried pretty far down on the track list. Walk Away is the classic that never was (featuring Chrissie Hynde helping out on vocals) and Had to Make You Mine has that pop crunch that fans love so well.

Otherwise, there are only a couple of embarrassments. The title song sounds a little forced as does You Drive, I'll Steer. Even the sappy The Flame wanabee Wherever Would I Be only sounds "o.k.". Foreigner's Mick Jones adds some great guitar work to If You Need Me and the hit single Can't Stop Falling Into Love almost made it to the top 10 (it peaked at #12). So the album was a smart business move and overall deserved more respect than it received. Sadly, their "comeback" was basically over at this point. At least in terms of chartability.

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