Authorized Greatest Hits (2000)

1.I Want You To Want Me (Live) 2.Ain't That A Shame (Live) 3.Southern Girls 4.Surrender 5.Stop This Game 6.Dream Police 7.If You Want My Love 8.Tonight It's You 9.Everything Works If You Let It 10.Mandocello 11.I Can't Take It (Live) 12.She's Tight 13.That 70's Song 14.Walk Away 15.Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love 16.The Flame (Live)


It's really no secret that Cheap Trick spent a lot of time being pissed of at their record companies. It really seems pointless for a band that never had many "hits" to begin with, release a "response" to their record labels' original hit collection. There never was anything wrong with the original Greatest Hits album released about a decade prior. It had all of their big hits, plus a few minor singles, and it made a rather nice collection.

Well, I guess the band didn't think it was good enough, so, ten years later they release an alternate compilation. To be fair, this record is a slight improvement. There are a few substitutions and a few extra songs and it does flow a bit better. Missing here is the cover of Magical Mystery Tour (that had nothing "magical" about it), Voices and Don't Be Cruel. Only the latter is missed. For some peculiar reason, that song was skipped over on their box set as well.

This leaves room for an extra six songs, and whereas not all were hits, they mostly remain fan favorites. Still though, one has to wonder why two of the "repeats", I Can't Take It and their biggest hit ever The Flame are featured here as live versions. That decision is a head scratcher. Unlike I Want You To Want Me, the live versions don't come close to the studio counterparts.

So all in all, a good solid release, but a bit unnecessary.

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