The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (2002)

Disc One 1. Monday Morning 2. Dreams 3. You Make Loving Fun 4. Go Your Own Way 5. Rhiannon 6. Say You Love Me 7. I'm So Afraid 8. Silver Springs 9. Over My Head 10.Never Going Back Again 11.Sara 12.Love in Store 13.Tusk 14.Landslide 15.Songbird 16.Big Love (Live) 17.Storms Disc Two 1. The Chain 2. Don't Stop 3. What Makes You Think You're the One 4. Gypsy 5. Second Hand News 6. Little Lies 7. Think About Me 8. Go Insane (Live) 9. Gold Dust Woman 10.Hold Me 11.Seven Wonders 12.World Turning 13.Everywhere 14.Sisters of the Moon 15.Family Man 16.As Long As You Follow 17.No Questions Asked 18.Skies the Limit 19.Paper Doll


Basically an expansion of Greatest Hits that goes to two discs instead of one. This really isn't necessary. Consider the inclusion of Silver Springs that was only released as a B side to a single, and you can see how far they were stretching. The fact that this release mostly limited itself to the "classic lineup" (there are a few songs post 1987) tells you they're really stretching. Either stick with the first hits package or buy all five of the McVie-Buckingham-Nicks albums. Yes, all the great hits are here, but there's too much random filler to make this a quality "best of" package.

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