Feels Like the First Time (2011)

Disc One 1. Save Me 2. Feels Like the First Time 3. Cold as Ice 4. Long, Long Way From Home 5. Hot Blooded 6. Double Vision 7. Head Games 8. Dirty White Boy 9. Urgent 10.Waiting For a Girl Like You 11.I Want To Know What Love Is 12.Juke Box Hero Disc Two 1. Long, Long Way From Home 2. Cold as Ice 3. The Flame Still Burns 4. Double Vision 5. Fool For You Anyway 6. Say You Will 7. Starrider 8. Waiting For a Girl Like You 9. Feel's Like the First Time 10.Jukebox Hero 11.That's All Right


A "combination" of Juke Box Heroes and The Hits Unplugged, both released in 2011. This package also included a live DVD, which I confess I have not seen.

The "hits" package is some of their classics redone with the new lineup. All unnecessary, and all subpar. The "unplugged" feature has its charms of a few cuts where the transition works well.

Overall, not really worth it. To add insult to the injury, the cover is basically a replica of the band's debut album. I surprised that the 5 out of the 6 guys no longer in the band didn't sue.

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