Juke Box Heroes (2011)

No Stars

1. Save Me 2. Feels Like the First Time 3. Cold as Ice 4. Long, Long Way From Home 5. Hot Blooded 6. Double Vision 7. Head Games 8. Dirty White Boy 9. Urgent 10.Waiting For a Girl Like You 11.I Want To Know What Love Is 12.Juke Box Hero


Part of an inclusion of Feels Like The First Time that came out the same year. I'm not sure which came out first. Nor do I really care. This is nothing more than Foreigner re-recording their classic hits, trying to replicate the originals. Why?? The only thing I can figure is that a) it's cheaper than recording new songs -and- b) it keeps the Foreigner brand "fresh" so they can generate more ticket sales at the shows.

There are oodles of hits packages by Foreigner out there already that feature the original songs. Please don't be fooled by this one if you come across it in a record store, or on e-bay, or even at a garage sale.

To the guy that reviewed this on Apple Music - I'm sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong when you say that it's almost "impossible to tell these songs from the originals". This album makes my stomach churn.

The one new song Save Me isn't really that good either.

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