Jukebox Heroes: Anthology (2000)

Disc One 1. Feels Like the First Time 2. Long, Long Way From Home 3. Cold as Ice 4. Headknocker 5. Starrider 6. At War With the World 7. Double Vision 8. Blue Morning, Blue Day 9. Hot Blooded 10.I Have Waited So Long 11.Dirty White Boy 12.Head Games 13.Women 14.Rev on the Red Line 15.Break It Up 16.Jukebox Hero 17.Luanne 18.Urgent 19.Waiting For a Girl Like You 20.All Sewn Up 21.The Hoofer Disc Two 1. I Want To Know What Love Is 2. Down on Love 3. Street Thunder 4. Reaction to Action 5. That Was Yesterday 6. Ready or Not 7. Midnight Blue 8. Heart Turns to Stone 9. I Don't Want To Live Without You 10.Say You Will 11.Can't Wait 12.Just Wanna Hold 13.Everything That Comes Around 14.Just Between You and Me 15.Lowdown and Dirty 16.Soul Doctor 17.Until the End of Time 18.Under the Gun


At this stage in their career, Foreigner had only released two greatest hits packages. It wasn't really a big stretch, then, for them to try to expand on the concept and go for a release that featured a lot more, spread out over an extra disc. Such is the case here. In fact, this one might have been a boxed set had there been more Foreigner stuff out there. At this point, however, there were only eight studio albums to choose from when picking material, so a double disc with over 40 songs basically covers about half the material this band ever recorded.

Yes, all the best of the best is here, so there's nothing wrong in that department. What seems a bit unnecessary to me is that, to fill up a lot of space, they actually include recordings by Mick Jones and Lou Gramm other than when they were in Foreigner. We have two Spooky Tooth (Jones' old band) songs as well as a handful of tracks from Gramm and Jones' solo career from the late 1980s. Other than Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue, none of those extra songs really sound like they belong here.

Even though Foreigner would eventually put out many more hits packages, this is the only one that encompasses music outside the actual band, so if that's your thing, this would make a great package. If you just want the band, and the band's hits, you might be better off with another retrospective.

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