The Very Best and Beyond (1992)

1. Soul Doctor 2. Prisoner of Love 3. With Heaven on Our Side 4. Jukebox Hero 5. Hot Blooded 6. Cold as Ice 7. Head Games 8. Waiting For a Girl Like You 9. Urgent 10.Double Vision 11.I Want To Know What Love Is 12.Say You Will 13.That Was Yesterday 14.I Don't Want to Live Without You 15.Rev on the Red Line 16.Dirty White Boy 17.Feels Like the First Time


Although they had already released a greatest hits album Records from 1982), they managed to put out a handful of strong hits since that album, and since the compact disc was now in vogue, the band was able to put out another package of hits that basically included most everything that everyone was familiar. So tracks from 1984's Agent Provocatuer and 1987's Inside Information have been added. They're a welcome addition.

What was really special about this release was that a) 3 new cuts are added, and b) Lou Gramm was back in the band. The 3 new songs are awesome, and although they probably were never really "hits", they could have easily been heavily played on the radio had they been released a decade or so earlier.

Sadly, as their career faded, their respective record company would release oodles of other "greatest hits" packages and the 3 "extra" songs here would basically be ignored on many future compilations. I'm not even sure if these news songs here are commercially available anymore.

On a somewhat negative note, they've also included one older song, Rev on the Red Line, from 1979's Head Games. I'm not really sure why, since it was never a hit, and it really isn't that great of a song.

Being that Foreigner really stopped with the "hits" around this phase in their career, it's still a good CD to own if you could only have one package of the band's best.

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