The Way We Walk - Volume One: The Shorts)

1.Land of Confusion 2.No Son of Mine 3.Jesus He Knows Me 4.Throwing it All Away 5.I Can't Dance 6.Mama 7.Hold on my Heart 8.That's All 9.In Too Deep 10.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 11.Invisible Touch


It was now probably a good time to release a customary live disc since a few studio releases had been completed since the last live effort. Fortunately, consumers were greeted with live releases (two, to be exact) instead. The reason for two? It's not that difficult to speculate why. Genesis proved on their last release We Can't Dance that they could play to their old audiences as well as new. The two live discs attempted to do the same thing: each disc favoring the respective listener.

This first one, released a few months in advance of the second, contained the hits. Not surprisingly, there's nothing here before the three most recent studio albums. It is a fair account of the bands live shows for the time, since they would play very few old numbers. It's a little dissappointing that some old "short" songs aren't here, but most of those are on other live albums. All the tracks featured were released as singles, so audiences will be familiar with most. The tracks don't sound that much different from the original studio songs, so it doesn't make the listening that exciting. Of course, they had not had a greatest hits package at this point in their career, so this one at least helped fill that gap. Most songs were featured from the most current tour (the exceptions being That's All and In Too Deep, which came from the 1986 tour) and the band was playing mostly stadium gigs which gave a consistant sound, yet somewhat different from the older live albums done at smaller venues.

The main thing lacking here, is that the smaller hit songs featured are not really what makes Genesis such a superb live band. They are nice to hear, but most any fan enjoys the longer instrumental breaks dominated by Tony Banks' keyboard solos and Phil Collins' heavy drumwork along with his drumming counterpart Chester Thompson. It was also a small disappointment that Tonight, Tonight, Tonight and Invisible Touch are featured here as a medley (the way it was played in concert on their last tour) instead of the previous tour which featured both songs in their entirety.

Sidenote: For over ten years the band had been using the same backup musicians (Chester Thompson on Drums and Darryl Stuermer on Guitars and Bass) to supplement the studio work. For most fans, Chester and Darryl were as much a part of Genesis during concerts and the band pretty much counts them as full members on the notes and the cover of the two CD's. Credit well deserved.

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