Turn It On Again - The Hits (1999)

1.Turn It On Again 2.Invisible Touch 3.Mama 4.Land of Confusion 5.I Can't Dance 6.Follow You Follow Me 7.Hold On My Heart 8.Abacab 9.I Know What I Like 10.No Son Of Mine 11.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 12.In Too Deep 13.Congo 14.Jesus He Knows Me 15.That's All 16.Misunderstanding 17.Throwing It All Away 18.The Carpet Crawlers 99


It seems a bit surprising that a band that had been together for thirty years and umpteen albums would finally release a greatest hits package with nine of it's songs from only two albums. No one could argue the tenure of this band with it's odd history was normal, however, and what we have here is a pretty fair representation of material. We should remember that the band was never commercially successful until 1983 when they finally got a top ten single (That's All). Although purists will no doubt feel as though some favorites were left off, this one does have all the radio tunes that casual listeners want.

We also can't feel cheated in terms of volume either. Eighteen songs that account for over seventy-five minutes. In order to pack it full, a wise choice was made in cutting some of the lengthier numbers down to the "single" release (Abacab and Tonight, Tonight, Tonight are each whittled down by about three minutes). Perhaps the oddest thing about the collection was the earliest and latest "hits" respectively. I Know What I Like from 1973 sounds very out of place being so old and from such a different era. Congo from the latest studio release, the band's only disaster Calling All Stations, should probably have been left off because...well...like the album that it came from, it's subpar to say the least. It was nice that ex-members Gabriel and Collins were called in to record a new version of 1974's The Carpet Crawlers from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, a beautiful tune that many new fans were oblivious to it's existence.

All in all, a great collection on a great career for mostly radio listeners and new fans. Most listeners should check out an earlier live release (maybe Seconds Out or Three Sides Live) to enjoy some wonderful non-hits that this band was capable of releasing.

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