Somewhere in England (1981)

1. Blood From a Clone 2. Unconsciousness Rules 3. Life Itself 4. All Those Years Ago 5. Baltimore Oriole 6. Teardrops 7. That Which I Have Lost 8. Writing's on the Wall 9. Hong Kong Blues 10.Save the World


This one might not be quite as bad as Dark Horse but it comes awfully close. There's really not that much to say when it comes to the music here, other than it's pretty bad. The story behind the album dictates that this had the potential of being even worse. Essentially, Warner Brothers rejected the original album saying some of the songs weren't good enough. "Some of the songs" is being kind. What becomes scary is that when the songs that replaced those are, in fact, the only listenable pieces on the album.

All Those Years Ago is one of those songs. I'm not sure of the original history, but the version here was a homage to the late John Lennon released very shortly after his death. Ringo and Paul are on it, which almost makes it a "Beatles" piece. The lyrics are definitely about John, but the music just flat out isn't very good. It was very popular and it rose to almost the top of the chart, but one has to wonder if it did so well because of the circumstances surrounding the song rather than the quality of music itself. Sadly, this is one of the better songs. The best song, which only manages to be "pretty decent" is the poppy Teardrops, also released as a single but didn't do that much. Oh, and yes, this was one of the "replacement" songs as well.

George even writes about this experience in one of the songs - Blood From a Clone, he had the habit of writing songs about his blatant troubles with whomever. Let's just say it's barely mediocre. A couple of Hoagy Carmichael songs are present. Whatever. They seem hopelessly out of place but don't affect the quality either way. George just sounds like he's lumbering through. The instrumentation and production are just flat out boring and haphazard. He just seemed like he'd rather be elsewhere.

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