Captured (1981)

1. Majestic 2. Where Were You 3. Just the Same Way 4. Line of Fire 5. Lights 6. Stay Awhile 7. Too Late 8. Dixie Highway 9. Feeling That Way 10.Anytime 11.Do You Recall 12.Walks Like a Lady 13.La Do Da 14.Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' 15.Wheel in the Sky 16.Any Way You Want It 17.The Party's Over (Hopelessy in Love)


If you were labeled as an "arena rock" band in the late 70s-early 80s, it almost makes sense (and just about every act would do so) to put out a killer live album showcasing what you do best. This album actually came out at a perfect time when looking back on the band's history. They hadn't exploded popularity wise yet (that would come on the next album), so this album doesn't have to saturate itself with the obligatory hits.

And let's face it, this band really hadn't had many hits at this point - at least not in the top ten category. Sure, there are about two or three songs that most rock fans had heard of, but unless you owned the band's last three real albums (i.e. not counting the weird Dream After Dream) , you didn't know most of what was here.

This is what made this record so refreshing - it's essentially a greatest hits album of the band's Steve Perry era at this point in their history, and the album plays just like a killer rock and roll show from a hungry band should be. There's a couple of solos from various band members, but nothing too overwhelming, and there seems to be just enough in between song chatter to keep the atmosphere going smooth.

There are two previously unreleased songs - Dixie Highway, which fits in nicely with the set, and The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) is a bonus studio song at the end of the album. Personally I never thought it was that essential when reflecting on this band's work. The highlight - what would soon become expected - the medley of Lights and Stay Awhile that closed the original side one of the double album.

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