Greatest Hits Volume 2 (2011)

1. Stone in Love 2. After the Fall 3. Chain Reaction 4. The Party's Over (Hopelessy in Love) 5. Escape 6. Still They Ride 7. Good Morning Girl 8. Stay Awhile 9. Suzanne 10.Feeling That Way 11.Anytime 12.Walks Like a Lady 13.Little Girl 14.Just the Same Way 15.Patiently 16.When I Think of You 17.Mother, Father (Live)


Entirely unnecessary, but what latter day "greatest hits" album isn't? Their first Greatest Hits album really had all the "hits", so this one is more of a companion piece of "also rans", and the selections are what they should be, so the consumer knows what they're getting. Like the first package, there's nothing here pre, nor post Steve Perry, so once you obtain both of these packages, you probably have everything you need from 1978-1996.

I haven't looked at it track-by-track, but I'm willing to bet that these two packages are very similar to what is on the 2001 Essential double disc set - which was bascially one disc of hits and one disc of also rans.

Confusing, I know.

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