Led Zeppelin Box Set (1990)

Disc One 1. Whole Lotta Love 2. Heartbreaker 3. Communication Breakdown 4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 5. What Is and What Should Never Be 6. Thank You 7. I Can't Quit You Baby 8. Dazed and Confused 9. Your Time is Gonna Come 10. Ramble On 11. Traveling Riverside Blues 12. Friends 13. Celebration Day 14. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do 15. White Summer/Black Mountain Side Disc Two 1. Black Dog 2. Over the Hills and Far Away 3. Immigrant Song 4. The Battle of Evermore 5. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 6. Tangerine 7. Going to California 8. Since I've Been Loving You 9. D'yer Maker 10.Gallows Pole 11.Custard Pie 12.Misty Mountain Hop 13.Rock and Roll 14.The Rain Song 15.Stairway to Heaven Disc Three 1. Kashmir 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. For Your Live 4. No Quarter 5. Dancing Days 6. When the Levee Breaks 7. Achilles Last Stand 8. The Song Remains the Same 9. Ten Years Gone 10. In My Time of Dying Disc Four 1. In the Evening 2. Candy Store Rock 3. The Ocean 4. Ozone Baby 5. Houses of the Holy 6. Wearing and Tearing 7. Poor Tom 8. Nobody's Fault But Mine 9. Fool in the Rain 10. In the Light 11. The Wanton Song 12. Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreaux 13. I'm Gonna Crawl 14. All My Love


It was time for the obligatory box set. With the CD revolution in full swing, and every other group releasing such a retrospective, the band put out this 4 CD gem. For this box set, there are only 3 unreleased tracks, no live songs, nor “alternate versions” of any of the cuts. Since the band only had a total of 9 full length albums, that meant that a huge hunk (about 2/3 to be exact) of the band’s catalog is here. One almost wishes they would have just put out a box set with everything. So essentially this could be considered the “best” of Led Zeppelin.

Some albums are more heavily featured than others. Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy are each featured in their entirety, minus one song from each. The running order has a nice flow – minor alterations with the tracks staying fairly linear.

Strangely, a few years later the band released a second Box Set that was a total of only 2 CDs that featured everything in the band’s catalog that missed the cut on this one. For obvious reasons, that one isn’t nearly as strong, but it was nice for fans to be able to snag two box sets and become the proud owner of everything the band released in the studio.

The only thing I wish they would have done differently is not combining Moby Dick and Bonzo's Montreaux into a mix of one song. I wish they would have left them both in their original formats and have had them here separately. They did fix this on the successor, fortunately.

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