Wingspan (2001)

Disc One 1. Listen to What the Man Said 2. Band on the Run 3. Another Day 4. Live and Let Die 5. Jet 6. My Love 7. SillyLove Songs 8. Pipes of Peace 9. C Moon 10.Hi Hi Hi 11.Let 'Em In 12.Goodnight Tonight 13.Junior's Farm 14.Mull of Kintyre 15.Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 16.With a Little Luck 17.Coming Up 18.No More Lonely Nights Disc Two 1. Let Me Roll It 2. The Lovely Linda 3. Daytime Nightime Suffering 4. Maybe I'm Amazed 5. Helen Wheels 6. Bluebird 7. Heart of the Country 8. Every Night 9. Take it Away 10.Junk 11.Man We Was Lonely 12.Venus and Mars/Rock Show 13.Back Seat of My Car 14.Rockestra Theme 15.Girlfriend 16.Waterfalls 17.Tomorrow 18.Too Many People 19.Call Me Back Again 20.Tug of War 21.Bip Bop/Hey Diddle 22.No More Lonely Nights


Another "best of" package - this one spanning two discs. Don't let the word "Wings" fool you, and it really shouldn't, since the distinction between Paul's solo work and his work with Wings was never really that discernible. Curiously, although this one was released in 2001, there's nothing on this set post 1984. Which means that this could easily have been released as a "two disc version" of All the Best which was released in 1987 since it had the same "cut off" date that this one had.

If you have the extra money, I would go ahead and spend a bit more to get this one, since Paul had a lot of great material, and you simply couldn't fit it all on only on disc - even if most of the "extra" stuff you may have never heard of, it's mostly great stuff that deserves to be on some sort of compilation as this one.

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