Brother Bear Soundtrack (2003)

1. Look Through My Eyes 2. Great Spirits 3. Welcome 4. No Way Out 5. Transformation 6. On My Way 7. Welcome 8. No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear) 9. Transformation 10.Three Brothers (Score) 11.Awakes as a Bear (Score) 12.Wilderness of Danger and Beauty (Score)


After the success of Tarzan, Disney did what Disney does best and tried to replicate the success by employing Phil Collins to do what Phil Collins does so well. In many aspects, this is a carbon copy. Come to think of it, this is a carbon copy of anything that Disney has released in the last twenty years. As Disney discovered a long time ago, get a well known singer to croon some family friendly, warm, feel-good songs to an animated release, and the money will come faster and in more abundance.

As with most Disney releases, not all on this album is Phil, but he does dominate the recording and the music never fails to do what it's supposed to. Some songs work better than others, but a lot of that tends to determine on the success of the film rather than the actual music. In other words, Brother Bear wasn't as successful as Tarzan, so the songs aren't as familiar. Fans of Phil, or fans of any Disney film will like the songs - that includes the three "score" songs and the one by Tina Turner (Great Spirits) as well. Just don't expect anything revolutionary or earth changing.

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