Hits (1998)

1. Another Day in Paradise 2. True Colors 3. Easy Lover 4. You Can't Hurry Love 5. Two Hearts 6. I Wish it Would Rain Down 7. Against All Odds 8. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven 9. Separate Lives 10. Both Sides of the Story 11. One More Night 12. Sussudio 13. Dance Into the Light 14. A Groovy Kind of Love 15. In The Air Tonight 16. Take Me Home


It was now pretty apparant that, at least from a commercial standpoint, Phil Collins' best years were behind him. It seemed fitting to finally release the "greatest hits" package that would highlight a brilliant career. Apart from Genesis, Collins had the knack during the eighties to release several hits that were not available on any of his albums. Sometimes this was because they were duets, and other times they were part of a movie soundtrack. All of these did quite well. It's therefore a treasure for the fan to now have these songs (five, to be exact) available on one compilation rather than have to scramble for copies of the songs on other releases.

With 16 tracks featured here, there's little room for error. There are a few omissions (Don't Lose My Number comes to mind) but all in all this is a great representation. He even throws in a few singles released during the nineties that never sold particularly well (that would be Both Sides of the Story and Dance Into the Light). Curiously, there is a new song, although not really. True Colors written by eighties pop hit writers Tom Kelley and Billy Steinberg was actually recorded and released as a single by Cindy Lauper a decade ago. Differences are minimal.

All in all a great retrospective.

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