The Hits 1 / The Hits 2 (1993)

The Hits 1 1. When Doves Cry 2. Pop Life 3. Soft and Wet 4. I Feel For You 5. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? 6. When You Were Mine 7. Uptown 8. Let's Go Crazy 9. 1999 10.I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man 11.Nothing Compares 2 U 12.Adore 13.Pink Cashmere 14.Alphabet St. 15.Sign 'O' the Times 16.Thieves in the Temple 17.Diamonds and Pearls 18.7 The Hits 2 1. Controversy 2. Dirty Mind 3. I Wanna Be Your Lover 4. Head 5. Do Me Baby 6. Delirious 7. Little Red Corvette 8. I Would Die 4 U 9. Raspberry Beret 10.If I Was Your Girlfriend 11.Kiss 12.Peach 13.U Got the Look 14.Sexy MF 15.Gett Off 16.Cream 17.Pope 18.Purple Rain


I'm only docking these releases a half star because this should have been a double CD. Fortunately, there was a triple CD that included everything here along with a bonus disc of B sides that came out the same year. Those "B-Sides" are just as strong as much of what could be called a "hit". What this essentially means is that either one of these discs, by themselves, is pointless to buy if you're only going to buy one. There is simply no difference in the two in terms of styles, time frames, or qualities of the hits. In fact, for some strange reason, both of these discs include a couple of "bonus" songs making the packages even more confusing. Neither the casual nor the devoted can buy only one.

Fortunately, just about everything on both of these albums is incredible. Calling everything here a "hit" is a bit of a stretch, but songs here that you may never have heard of are just as good as the staples that everyone knows and adores.

In order to fit such a mass quantity on one of the two discs, there are several "radio" edits, but you never feel as though you're being ripped off. Stick to the The Hits/B-Sides, though. It's worth the extra purchase. If this is too much for you in terms of volume, check out The Very Best of Prince. It came out several years later, but contains music from the same time span. Not surprisingly, that one comes up short because the man simply had too much great music.

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