Queen Rocks (1997)

1. We Will Rock You 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. I Want it All 4. Seven Seas of Rhye 5. I Can't Live With You 6. Hammer to Fall 7. Stone Cold Crazy 8. Now I'm Here 9. Fat Bottomed Girls 10.Keep Yourself Alive 11.Tear it Up 12.One Vision 13.Sheer Heart Attack 14.I'm in Love with My Car 15.Put Out the Fire 16.Headlong 17.It's Late 18.No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)


Of all of the quirky compilations that bands tend to release of their material, this one actually makes sense. Queen was such a multifaceted band, that it's actually a brilliant idea just to include a strong sampling of their rock numbers on one collection. This is simply them at their best when they would bring the house down with good old fashion, straight ahead rock and roll.

To be honest, it can feel a bit strange. There's no We Are the Champions after the stellar opener We Will Rock You, nor are the other two Queen classics Bohemian Rhapsody and Another One Bites the Dust, but strangely they're not missed. There's too much incredible power here for you to care about what is not here.

Some songs seems a bit out of place. I've never considered Seven Seas of Rhye much of a rocker, and the closing tribute to Freddie Mercury, No One But You (Onlt the Good Die Young) (without him singing, obviously) is touching, but doesn't really rock that hard. But you'll never get perfect agreement on compilations such as this. Fans will always politely argue about what should be here and what shouldn't, but the package is an incredible compilation of just one of the many styles that they could lick.

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