Rock Montreal (2007)

Disc One 1. Intro 2. We Will Rock You (Fast) 3. Let Me Entertain You 4. Play the Game 5. Somebody to Love 6. Killer Queen 7. I'm in Love With My Car 8. Get Down, Make Love 9. Save Me 10.Now I'm Here 11.Dragon Attack 12.Now I'm Here (Reprise) 13.Love of My Life Disc Two 1. Under Pressure 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Drum and Tympani Solo 4. Guitar Solo 5. Flash 6. The Hero 7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 8. Jailhouse Rock 9. Bohemian Rhapsody 10.Tie Your Mother Down 11.Another One Bites the Dust 12.Sheer Heart Attack 13.We Will Rock You 14.We Are The Champions 15.God Save the Queen


Had this been the only Queen live album, it would have been pretty good. It is actually pretty good, it's just the fourth full live show on CD, basically one from every tour they did from 1979 until Freddie Mercury's passing, so it gets a bit monotonous. The set list seems remarkably similar to the 2004 release of a show that was only performed about six months later, On Fire: Live at the Bowl, so it really does seem a bit pointless.

What also drags this down, is it seems that crowd doesn't quite get into the show like the band would like. Yes, they thunderously applaud after every track, so they're obviously enjoying themselves, but during the songs, it sounds like the band is trying to get them to play along, and the Canadian audience seems a bit reluctant. There's a point in the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love during the heavy bass-drum part middle section, that the band always stops and lets the audience sing it themselves, but here, nothing. So after the little section goes on with no help, Mercury seems to kind of give up and sings it himself anyway. At the end of the show, he says something like "Thanks for being such good sports". Good sports? So.....probably the least effective of the many many live albums out there.

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