Old Wave (1983)

1. In My Car 2. Hopeless 3. Alibi 4. Be My Baby 5. She's About a Mover 6. I Keep Forgettin' 7. Picture Show Life 8. As Far as We Can Go 9. Everybody's in a Hurry But Me 10.Going Down 11.As Far as We Can Go (orgininal version)


It took me a long time before I could track down this album to give it a listen. The best I could do was find in on YouTube. Thank you, whoever posted it. Supposedly this record was never released in the United States, nor has it ever been "reissued". Why? Well, probbly because Ringo wasn't really pulling in that many sales. As it turned out, this would be his last album until 1992.

It should be pointed out that, despite the title of this record and the retro pic of Mr. Starkey, this record is definitely not an "old" album of "old" music. This may have been what turned the executives off from wanting to release it. This album is about as pop friendly as anything else that came out in the early 1980s. That's not to say it's a great record, but it does shine in some places.

This album was actually produced by Joe Walsh. He and Ringo were apparently good buddies around this time, and maybe they decided on this project after an evening filled with injesting mind altering chemicals? This album sounds just like a Joe Walsh album. I mean, just like one. That really isn't necessarily a slam. Joe Walsh was a great solo artist in the 1970s. By the time the 80s arrived, his records weren't quite as good, so had this record had Joe singing instead of Ringo, you could argue that it was par for the course for a Walsh record. The first track In My Car was actually done by Joe Walsh on one of his solo records. Differences are minimal.

This record does have some good stuff scattered about. If you like Joe Walsh, that is. It's definitely not a classic. It's about 50-50. It's sad that so many never have heard it though. It deserved a bit better than that.

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