Starr Struck: Best of Ringo Starr (1989)

1. Wrack My Brain 2. In My Car 3. Cookin' (In the Kitchen of Love) 4. I Keep Forgettin' 5. Hard Times 6. Hey! Baby 7. Attention 8. A Dose of Rock & Roll 9. Who Needs a Heart 10.Private Property 11.Can She Do It Like she Dances 12.Heart on My Sleeve 13.Sure to Fall (In Love With You) 14.Hopeless 15.You Belong To Me 16.She's About a Mover


Not even sure if this one is still in print. Note the title does not say "greatest hits", as that would be too big of a stretch. There really aren't any hits on here, and the time period from which these songs come from, 1976-1983, is generally considered his all time worst. So much though, that the albums from which many of these songs were originally on were out of print for several years, and one album was never even released in the U.S. since he couldn't even get a record deal.

Still, his "bad" years weren't ever really all that bad, the songs here are cherry picked to where you at least get a fair set of songs that almost serve as a sampler. The continuity is rather thin, and the record isn't necessary except for the curious. But the curious just might be a bit surprised at the overall listenability.

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