December's Children (and Everybody's) (1965)

1.She Said Yeah 2.Talkin' About You 3.You Better Move On 4.Look What You've Done 5.The Singer Not the Song 6.Route 66 7.Get Off My Cloud 8.I'm Free 9.As Tears Go By 10.Gotta Get Away 11.Blue Turns to Grey 12.I'm Moving On


Released a whopping two months after the successful Out of Our Heads, it's pretty obvious that these were the days when record companies were more concerned with quantity, not necessarily quality. This was, of course, the Stones - so this album is by no means bad, it's just obvious that it was never anyone's intention to developing this band much more, and the focus was only on the almighty dollar. The whole album clocks in under 30 minutes. The first track - the infectious She Said Yeah is barely ninety seconds in length. By the time the segue into Chuck Berry's Talking About You, it's hard not to yawn. By now the formula was becoming a little too familiar.

For some reason, however, the band chooses the best material for the latter half of the record. After the sloppy live version of Route 66 that, although resembles their original version from the first album, leaves a lot to be desired here. They then crank up the 3 best songs from the record that everyone still knows today starting with Get Off My Cloud which is undoubtedly the best thing here, and has a punch similar to (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction from their last record. The sweeping I'm Free follows, with it's stripped down pre-hippie sound, still sounds intoxicating today (even though most know it as a Microsoft commercial). They follow with one of their best ballad's As Tears Go By which was actually written, and was a hit, for Jagger's then girlfriend Marianne Faithful. Interesting that this version has stood the test of time a bit better.

Had this not been treated as a throwaway, and if the band had maybe combined their original tunes on here with those from their last release, this could have been their first classic (which would come next). Still, it's a pretty enjoyable 28 minutes.

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