Out of Our Heads (1965)

1.Mercy, Mercy 2.Hitch Hike 3.The Last Time 4.That's How Strong My Love Is 5.Good Times 6.I'm All Right 7.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 8.Cry To Man 9.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man 10.Playing with Fire 11.The Spider and the Fly 12.One More Try


Out of Our Heads really isn't that much of a change from anything else the group had done at this point in their career. The formula seemed pretty consistent - get a new album out every few months (in this case, 4) put 12 songs on the disc, cover some early rock/blues tunes and throw in a few originals. Being who they were, this formula never became tiresome. They were truly a great rock and roll band that did justice to just about anything they would put their hands on in the recording studio.

Perhaps where the growth of this band is most evident is that their original tunes actually outshine the cover songs on this album. When you're competing against such classics as That's How Strong My Love Is, Sam Cooke's Good Times and the truly eclectic The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man. Jagger and Richards pen, or co pen half the tracks here. The best known track is arguably the most popular piece the band ever wrote (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, which even alone would make this a great album.

They lay a lot more great, if maybe more obscure, cuts on as well such as the bluesy The Spider and the Fly and the slightly psychedelic tunes The Last Time and Play with Fire. Even the live version of I'm All Right is a nice addition since it has an awesome Keith Richards riff, and they never released a studio version of the track (remember, this was 1965 and live versions weren't known for their quality).

The band seems to be moving away from the blues and incorporating more rock and roll into their music by this point, even though the release is still a bit indistinguishable from their previous recordings. It was nice to see Mick and Keith begin to write some classic stuff.

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