Emotional Rescue (1980)

1.Dance, Pt. 1 2.Summer Romance 3.Send it To Me 4.Let Me Go 5.Indian Girl 6.Where the Boys Go 7.Down in the Hole 8.Emotional Rescue 9.She's So Cold 10.All About You


Being sandwiched between the two classics Some Girls and Tattoo You, this album is sadly overlooked and underrated. They're still in their disco/dance phase, but as time would prove, this band would age well with this style, unlike many other counterparts that joined the bandwagon of dance music in the late 1970's. The sad thing about this album, is that even though the songs are good for the most part, the band doesn't sound like they're really trying all that hard.

For example, take the first track Dance Pt.1. This song has the potential of being another Miss You from Some Girls. It's an edgy, hard nasty dance song that has everything in place, yet is missing that little push that makes a good song a classic. Then there's the title cut, and most recognized song on the album. Another dance number that is highlighted by Jagger's wailing falsetto throughout most of the song. Whiners may gripe about the song, but it still succeeds where it should - again though, it's missing something that would make it great. As popular as the song was, it's become mostly forgotten over the years.

Where the Boys Go and Summer Romance are fun energetic listens, as is the reggae-ish Send it to Me. The best song is the punkish She's So Cold - another hit song that has faded into almost obscurity. The closing song, All About You is the now standard "Keith tune". It features Keith waxing eloquently over what some feel is a lost love, yet he claimed he was singing about his pet dalmation. With the lyrics "I'm so sick and tired hanging around with dogs like you /You're the first to get blamed/always the last bitch to get paid" , you can't help but laugh - regardless of who the song is really about.

In the mediocre department, there's the countryish Indian Girl and the Bluesish Down in the Hole. Both are o.k., but a little flat. So what we have is a quite good collection, that, whereas not great by any standards, is a very good contribution to the band's catalog that is sadly overlooked.

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