Sucking in the Seventies (1981)

1. Shattered 2. Everything is Turning to Gold 3. Hot Stuff 4. Time Waits for No One 5. Fool to Cry 6. Mannish Boy 7. When the Whip Comes Down 8. If I Was a Dancer (Dance, Pt. 2) 9. Crazy Mama 10.Beast of Burden


This had to be some sort of contractual obligation album. Sadly, as the title indicates, this album has some of the worst stuff that the Stones had during the latter half of this decade. Fortunately, there's nothing here that is really awful since this was, remember, The Rolling Stones. It's just, well, most of their mediocre stuff.

There are a few really good songs, though, but it's probably better to buy the original albums with those particular songs. There are a few unreleased tracks here as well, and they add a bit more to the package, but let's just say they were unreleased for a good reason.

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