More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies) (1972)

Disc One 1.Tell Me 2.Not Fade Away 3.The Last Time 4.It's All Over Now 5.Good Times, Bad Times 6.I'm Free 7.Out of Time 8.Lady Jane 9.Sittin' on a Fence 10.Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow? 11.Dandelion 12.We Love You Disc Two 1.She's a Rainbow 2.2000 Light Years From Home 3.Child of the Moon 4.No Expectations 5.Let it Bleed 6.What to Do 7.Fortune Teller 8.Poison Ivy (Version 1) 9.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 10.Come On 11.Money 12.Bye Bye Johnny 13.Poison Ivy (Version 2) 14.I've Been Loving You Too Long 15.I Can't Be Satisfied 16.Long Long While


Released only about six months after the classy comilation Hot Rocks, 1964-1971, this is a bit of an odd choice. Yes, there are more hits featured here, but nothing on here really warrants another compilation.

Then, I guess there's the "Fazed Cookie" portion which is a bunch of (mostly) very early unreleased stuff including two versions of the doo-wop Poison Ivy. Since this album also contains their psychedelic periond (which the first compilation wisely stayed away from completely), it's an uneven listen as well. Not really worth the price of a double album, but - hey- if you have to have everything....

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